It can be time consuming and money wasting to look for products other than tiles, e.g., furniture, metal ware, lamps, etc. Come to Ai Jia. We save the trouble and costs for you. Our professional export team can satisfy customer special demands: we can find you tiles, furniture, metal ware, and any building materials and furniture you look for from our partners. Of course, all will be good quality at competitive prices. 

Think about the money and time you can save. If one container is not filled with tiles, you can stack in furniture and other products to lower the average shipping cost. More importantly, it takes time and efforts, let’s admit it, to find a decent supplier. However, we have reliable suppliers in place to supply any products you need. You don’t need to spend weeks or months to screen though potential suppliers and miss your booked freight.

Our one-stop shopping service offers you a money and time saving solution to import furniture and building materials from China.