Free Interior Designs

Our products are tailored made to match different indoor decoration designs. Therefore, we have different design solutions in place for different products. We provide these decoration ideas for free to make your house a comfortable place to live in. 

One-stop Shopping


Usually, it’s troublesome to find and buy all the building materials and furniture you need at one go. Think about the trouble you have, when trying to design the interior decoration and visiting different stores to purchase the products for your design. Here, we offer a one-stop shopping solution, a simple and cheap house decoration solution – we can look for what you need, from building materials to furniture. Our export department can save you from all the searching and comparing and find you the best deal.

Want to decorate your house in a cheap but elegant way? Want to import bargain building materials from China, but intimidated by all the procedure? Worried that you find a terrible supplier?Don’t worry, we help you. Our professional export team will guide you through the whole transaction process until you finished flooring your tiles. In addition, we offer additional services to our individual customers: free indoordesign solutions and one-stop shopping. We find all the things you need and pack them up for you.
Here are the services we offer to our individual customers: 

Easy International Business


Our customers can be first time buyer in terms of importing products from China. No worries. We have gained 20 years’ experience to serve individual buyers. Our export team will assist you along the whole process by giving you online support, preparing necessary documents, updating the logistic information of your products, etc. Your purchase will be smooth and easy.