Tile Suppliers : Where to Find Them Online?

 10 Best China Tile Sourcing Websites (2021 Update) 


This is the best list of Chinese tile supplier sourcing websites. This list contains lesser-known websites where you find quality but cheap tile supply online. On the list, there are:


  1. 1688.com | Domestic Version of Alibaba

  2. Alibaba | Biggest B2B Website Worldwide

  3. Made-in-China | Top 3 B2B Website in China

  4. Global Sources | Pioneer of B2B Trade Platform

  5. Global Market | Major B2B Website in China

  6. HC360 | China's leading domestic B2B sourcing website

  7. Make Polo | Domestic B2B Sourcing Website

  8. CNJC | “Chinses Building Material Website” B2B Platform

  9. Ceramics China | Portal Site of Brand Tile Companies

  10. JC001 | Comprehensive Building Material B2B Platform


Unlike those common lists of Chinese sourcing website, this list includes not only English websites but also domestic websites where Chinses tile companies reach out to Chinese tile factories. With those lesser-known platforms, you can approach tile manufactures more directly and avoid trading companies in the middle, so that you can lower your costs and have an edge over your competitors.

In addition, this list contains more building material and tile specific websites, which undoubtedly are probably the best of its kind. Let’s start sourcing!




We rank 1688 instead of Alibaba the first for a good reason:




Unlike Alibaba, which aims to bridge the gap between global buyers and Chinese suppliers, 1688 connects domestic purchasers in China with Chinese suppliers. It means you can directly approach Chinese factories and avoid annoying trading companies which earn a profit margin as a middleman. That saves you a lot of money.






It never flies without mentioning 1688’s twin brother/sister Alibaba. It is the biggest B2B platform worldwide. That means there are a huge amount of tile suppliers and a highly competitive tile market. Needless to say, in fierce competition, you can always find a better price there. A big win for you.

It’s more global purchasers friendly, because the platform is in English.




3. Made-in-China


This is also a B2B platform you shouldn’t neglect. It’s a good complement to Alibaba, as one of the major comprehensive B2B website in China. Why is it so?

Alibaba is good, but its entrance fee for suppliers is super high, let along necessary marketing campaign expense, which intimidates tile manufacturers which have a very thin profit margin. They might choose alternative platform. Made-in-China.com is one of the largest of its kind. You can find quality tile suppliers there, who lack presence in Alibaba.



4.Global Sources


Global Sources is one of the trailblazers in B2B e-commerce platform. However, it is losing this field to Alibaba and Made-in-China and alters its focus to magazine publishing and exhibitions. It has fewer suppliers compared to the mentioned competitors, but it’s good to know.


5. Global Market



It’s picked because of its headquarters’ geographic location, Guangzhou, where most tile manufactures locate. Confused? Don’t be.

As it is based in Guangzhou, GMC sales force can get in touch with tile suppliers in Guangdong Province more easily. As you may know, this is the region where most tile manufactures locate.

In addition, it’s strict with verifying manufactures, so there are smaller chances of encountering trading companies alike.



  • website: hc360.com

  • headquarters: Beijing, China

  • language: Chinese


Let’s shift gears now and focus on B2B websites for domestic tile sourcing.

HC360 is one of China's leading b2b websites for domestic buyers. It has the same reasoning with 1688.com:




It’s always good to know another site.


7. Make Polo


Don’t be confused. It’s not a platform for making polo shirts. Actually, it’s also a comprehensive Chinese B2B platform for domestic sourcing. For sure, you can find tiles and tile suppliers here.



website: www.cnjcw.com

  • headquarters: Beijing, China

  • language: Chinese


CNJCW is the short of 中国建材网,which means Chinses Building Material Website. Unlike those previous websites, this is a B2B website, focusing only on building materials. Needless to say, you can get quoted for tiles there and you can also find suppliers of furniture, sanitary, PVC etc...


9. Ceramics China



This website is even more specific. It pinpoints to the domestic tile industry only. However, it’s not a B2B platform. It’s a tile specific portal website. This website lists different brand tile companies, which presumably pay to get ranked. Still, it’s good to familiarize yourself to these major players so that you can avoid them and turn to companies offering lower prices.





Another building material oriented B2B platform for domestic buyers. It’ s also a major one. Good to know.



Ai Jia Ceramics


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